"Accredited empowerment programmes for offenders and those on the periphery of offending."

At LXC we offer offenders the perfect opportunity to interact with our facilitators who were trained by the National Probation Service. The aim of our programmes is to promote change in the lives of those disaffected, marginalised and hard to reach individuals within the Criminal Justice System.

Our accredited empowerment programmes enables offenders to address specific areas of their lives that have caused barriers to change i.e. offending, substance misuse, poor emotional recognition and cognitive deficits.

LXC offer a wide range of diversity training events catering to the public, private and statutory sectors. Our specially trained facilitators use the 7 strands of diversity as a medium to expand on broader issues of diversity. From half day to all day training events, LXC are committed to tailoring all training events to your organisational needs.

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