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Living Xperience Consultancy (LXC) builds and facilitates accredited empowerment programmes for offenders and those on the periphery of offending. Our aim is to motivate change. We capitalise on the diverse needs within the urban communities and those incarcerated by building intricate tailor made programmes that reflects and underpins our knowledge and awareness of specific problems faced by those disaffected and marginalised.

The aim of our programmes is to highlight individuals cognitive distortions that have affected their ability to deal with difficult and high risk situations. All our programmes and the content of every session are about raising an awareness of self and others in relation to perceived ideas that have caused barriers to change.

The vision for LXC is driven by personal experience. Ricky Otto Founder and director of LXC was incarcerated as a juvenile and served time in some of Britain’s most notorious adult prisons. Reformed and transformed, his thoughts are never too far away from those early experiences. As a consequence, Ricky has never lost sight of the amount of prisoners whose talents, skills and natural creative abilities go undetected because of poor choices to commit crime.


If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step we make it our business at LXC to share, liaise and connect with other organisations during those initial steps. Collaborating with other stakeholders is something that we are very enthusiastic about. Community justice and community care is at the apex of our agenda, thus showing how serious and committed we are in helping to build better and safer communities.

By establishing sound relationships with other organisations who are equally motivated and driven towards rehabilitation and community cohesion; by building strong committed professional relationships through regular dialogue and meetings; not only benefits our colleagues and clients, but it benefits the wider community by helping to build safer streets. For this reason LXC wholeheartedly supports M.A.P.P.A (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement). In doing so, we continue to collaborate and contribute to the overall process of preventing and reducing crime.


We believe at LXC that everybody has the ability to change. Irrespective of an individual’s circumstance, situation or background, no-one is relegated from the possibilities of turning their life around. We believe that a custodial sentence, a community order or an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) neither relegates nor eliminates an individual from living a successful, law abiding life.

LXC believes that winners never quit, and quitters never win. A winner’s attitude is one that never gives up on challenging unchartered minds, inspiring new ideas that encourages individuals to achieve great success. Because we believe that success comes when preparation meets opportunity, we endeavour to promote creativity, we endorse originality, we embrace a never say die attitude that is not afraid to call those things that are not as though they are.


Everything we do at LXC is based upon our core principles.

  • Leadership:
    We use our influence as leaders to meet every challenge, goal and objectives so individuals have the best possible chance to succeed during the process of change.
  • Teamwork:
    We encourage staff at LXC to be professional and to work with integrity, respect and honesty. A one for all and all for one attitude is essential to the overall development of Living Xperience.
  • Partnership:
    We recognise and appreciate the value of working with other organisations. To help deliver our goals and targets, and to further increase our chances of changing the minds of individuals with difficult backgrounds, building strong committed relationships with like-minded people is crucial to our success and the future of offenders.
  • Openness:
    At LXC we celebrate transparency. Therefore we endeavour to work in an open and straightforward way, sharing information, knowledge, experience and skills.
  • Respect:
    We aim to be respected for our integrity, honesty, behaviour, commitment and professionalism. Because we value the diversity of all offenders and those on the periphery of offending, we work hard to make sure every individual that participates in any of our programmes are respected. Promoting respect means such respect will be reciprocated.
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